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History Resource Links

The links below connect to various topics for inclusion in the curriculum.

General History

Grade 5 Resources
American History Native American Massachusetts Explorers

Grade 4 Resources
Geography Ancient Civilization Egypt Mesopotamia
China Fifty States Greece

Grade 3 Resources
Geography American Revolution State Government Massachusetts

Grade 2 Resources
Native American Communities European Settlements

Grade 1 Resources

General History links

Turn of the Century Child
Online pictures of children doing jobs at the turn of the century.

Digital History
Online resources to integrate into classroom activities.

History/Social Studies for K-12 Teachers
This page unites links on a variety of topics. Site is maintained by a History Teacher and is intended to encourage use of the WWW in the classroom.

Black History Month links
This page offers suggestions and links to include in class activities.

Gamequarium:Social Studies Games
Games covering American History, American Presidents, Geography, Egypt, Africa, Economics and more. Nice variety of activities!

The Middle Ages
Sponsored by Annenberg/CPB Exhibits - this resource describes life during this time period primarily in text form.
The Renaissance

The Medieval Technology Page
Paul Gans, the author of these pages has attempted to provide accurate, referenced information on technological innovation and related subjects in western Europe during the Middle Ages.

Timelines on the Web
This is a listing of timelines covering a variety of Social Studies/History topics. Could be used as a resource while using Timeliner software.

Iditorod Kid Links
Various links on this subject.

Journey Through the Middle Ages
Use this 4th grade class project to learn more about this time in history.

Food Timeline
Provides the history of recipes and more. Interesting site.

Age of Exploration
History of the various explorers.

Grade 5 Resources

Explorer Resource links

Voyage of Exploration
ThinkQuest offers this database of Explorers for research. *Excellent Resource*

Explorer listing
Enchanted Learning provides this listing of Explorers - database allows users to look at names by time period, alphabetically and focus.

American History links

The Thirteen Colonies
Interactive exhibit - interesting site.

Growth of a Nation Movie
Excellent animated movie explaining the growth of the U.S. using a timeline.

Archiving Early America
Historical document resource site specializing in the 18th century. This site has some presentation clips which require Shockwave.

American Centuries Views from New England
Memorial Hall Museum Online - located in Deerfield, MA - nice variety of online activities, view of exhibits, lesson plans and more. Focus is on New England and life in Deerfield, MA. Timeline covers 1680-1920 with topics on Native American life, African American resources, geography and more.

A K-16 American History Curriculum

Jamestown Online Adventure
A simulation where students make decisions for the good of the colony.

The Oregon Trail
Take a virtual tour.

Women of the West Online Exhibit
This online museum offers letters, virtual tours etc.

Tracks Impressions of America
A multimedia resource helping students explore American history and geography.

The History Channel
The History Channel with links to a variety of topics and additional reference links.

National Constitution Center This resource has many educational links and information to assist teachers as they cover The Constitution in the classroom.

A biography of America
Sponsored by Annenberg/CPB Exhibits - American History resource.

The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History
This site is geared toward higher grades, but is a great resource for teachers to tap. There are timelines explaining events, audio & visual files to tap, interactive activities and more.

Tracks Impressions of America
A terrific site about many different time periods in U.S. history from the Wisconsin Educational Communications Board.

U.S. Treasury for Kids
Trez, the alley cat and treasury resident, provides a tour of the U.S.Mint, Treasury Dept., Secret Service and Federal Reserve Bank. Topics include information about Savings Bonds, history of money and taxes, and how money is printed. *Nice resource for including in math or social studies lesson plans.

Star Spangled Banner
This online lesson offered by Learners Online, walks students through basic facts about our flag and then presents some extended thinking excercises. There are additional web links such as on Betsy Ross and flag etiquette. Geared toward grades 4 & 5.

Kathy Schrocks's History Resource links

Biography of America
From the Annenberg series, this site provides information on a variety of U.S. historical events.

The Declaration of Independence
Offered by U.S.History.Org

United States Symbols

The Liberty Bell
Historical fact & more.

The American Revolution

The Revolutionary War
Thinkquest - online reference tool - excellent resource!

The Road to Revolution
Test your knowledge of facts with this game offered by PBS.

Independence Day Activities
Nice variety of activities covering Independence Day.

American Revolution Links
Nice variety of links covering this topic. Take the virtual tour of Betsy Ross's house.

Revolutionary War Links
This page is managed by a Library Media Specialist in New Hampshire.

The American Revolution Home Page
There is a timeline, biographical information on major personalities,information on battles, generals and more.

Benjamin Franklin info
This site is sponsored by the Franklin Institute.

Benjamin Franklin
Offered by 3 students in the 2nd grade at Pocantico Hills School, Sleepy Hollow, NY. Site provides information and activities.

The Betsy Ross Homepage
Take a virtual tour of her home, find out about her life and about flag etiquette.

KidInfo:American Revolution
Teacher resource links on the topic.

The Civil War

A Nation Divided
The History Place offers The U.S. Civil War 1861-1865. Includes a timeline and fast facts on major events.

The Civil War for Kids
Mrs.Huber's class from Pocantico Hills School, in Sleepy Hollow, N.Y. created this site. *Nice overview of the topic*

Try this Lincoln Quiz
Test your knowledge of the man and important facts of his time.

The Time of the Lincoln's
Offered by PBS, this site covers the multiple topics during this time period, including new technologies such as the Whitney cotton gin and the steam engine.

Abraham Lincoln for Primary Children
Online quizzes, animations, picture gallery, activities etc.

Webquest:Winslow Homer
Learn history through the eyes of an artist. Life in the 1800's - using links to museums and biographical sites.

Massachusetts focus

Massachusetts History
Commonwealth of Massachusetts history sponsored on the state page.

Massachusetts Kids Zone
Activities for students on MA history.

A Tour of Massachusetts History & Trivia
Early history on Native American heritage, settlers and beyond.

Massachusetts Study Project
U.Mass Amherst & Boston have produced this resource to help teachers & students tap resources on Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Local History/Geneology
MANY links to great resources while studying MA history.

Old Sturbridge Village
Explore early New England from the featured farmers and craftsmen.

Inside this house
Smithsonian offers this resource on a Massachusetts house located in Ipswich. It provides information on 5 families spanning 200 years. **Site requires flash**

Paul Revere Virtual Museum
There are five exhibit halls to move through, starting with Longfellow's Poem The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere. There is also a Teachers Guide with suggestions on how to use this resource.

Yahooligans Massachusetts links
Links to a variety of MA information, including the Fannie Farmer cookbook.


The All-Star River Explorers
Find out about some of the famous explorers

Explorer Timeline
Follow the timeline to find out about famous explorers

Native American History

Native American Internet links
This page lists out resources that can be included in the class unit on Native American culture.

Grade 4 Resources


Scholastic Teacher Resource on Mexico
Supports the Cyberhunt on Mexico.

Ancient Civilization links

Ancient Civilizations
Odyssey Online link covers: Near East, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Africa

Interactive resource covering: Greece, Egypt, Roman Empire Ancient Civilization links
Harcourt Brace provides these support links to the textbook.

Flints & Stones: Real Life in Prehistory
Welcome to the Stone Age

Classics Technology Center
Curriculum material on Greece, Rome and classical civilizations.


Ancient Greece
Groups explore background information on Greece.

Mr. Donn's Greece Resources
Lesson plans & resources to support topic in the classroom.

A to Z Greece
Visit this site for activity ideas, resources & lesson ideas.

BBC -Ancient Greece
Resources, Ancient Greece for Kids etc.

Google-Ancient Greece Resource Page
Many links to information on the subject.

Open Directory - Ancient Greece Resources
Multiple links to support the topic.

Ancient Greece Hotlist
Multiple links with activity suggestions & lesson plans.


Ancient China Cyberhunt
Print off the form, click on the links provided and complete the questions.

Teacher Resources on China
Partners with the student cyberhunt above.

Ancient China
Lesson plans & resources to support topic in the classroom.

Gigglepotz - China for Kids
Links to multiple resources.

Ancient China
Cybersleuth for kids resource links.

Ancient China - Core Values Internet Resource Library
Activity & resource links.

Google - Ancient China links

Kidskonnect - Ancient China

The Legacy of Genghis Khan
Art and Culture


Little Horus
The Egyptian Government sponsors this student site on Egyptian history. Fun & educational.

Egypt -A Thematic Unit
**Nice Resource** Online activities, lesson suggestions (mummify a chicken??), lots of resources both online & suggestions for print.

Guardian's Ancient Egypt Kid Connection
Many links to information and online activities. Nice Resource.

ROM - Ancient Egypt Discovery Case
Royal Ontario Museum offers this online activity to explore this region.

Teach-nology - Ancient Egypt Resource
Online resource of online activities, printables, and more. This site also sells resources on the topic.

Ancient Egypt Webquest
Activity is set up like a mission and provides links to interesting resources.

Ancient Egypt:A Webquest
Another webquest choice on covering this topic.

Ancient Egypt Webquest
This project is set up using online & print materials to prepare a book on the topic. Students work in groups to complete the assignment.

Egyptian Webquest
Developed in Framingham for Middle School students, this quest can be adjusted to work in lower grades.

Amsterdam History Projects
Students in this school have assembled resources to assist in studying ancient civilizations.

Ancient Egypt
Sponsored by the British Museum, this site provides links to history, geography, and artifacts.

Akhet Egyptology - The Horizon to the Past
Offered from the British Museum, this site offers the "Clickable Mummy". Click on parts of the mummy to find out about the process. Interesting site.

Pyramids Fact or Fiction
Maintained by The Cleveland Museum of Art, there is information on the building process and additional information on Egypt.

Ancient Egyptian Virtual Temple
This site offers a wide variety of graphics with explanations on Egyptian history. Lots of information here!!

Neferchichi's Tomb
There are lesson plans, activities & clipart on this site (see the free clipart section of the site) Egyptian Madlibs *Online Activity*

Michael C. Carlos Museum/Ancient History Resource
Once at the home page, choose Odyssey Online then the Middle School and Elementary link to tap information on the Near East, Egypt, Greece, Rome and Africa. There is also a teacher resource link providing lesson plans, links and activity suggestions.

Valley of the Golden Mummies
Offered by Learners Online, this lesson provides access to ancient civilization history and online activities.

Thinkquest provides this project for use in the classroom. Site is set up as an online museum and has interactive capabilities if you choose to use them.

Egypt Fun Guide
Seaworld offers these activities on Egypt.

Nova Pyramids
Read the history on pyramids, find out who built them, tie construction to math.

Wacky Mummy Tales
From The Education Place, students fill in the blanks and their tale comes back.

Egyptian Mummies lesson
Webquest format - great resources.

The Theban Mapping project
Current events in the archeological dig of the largest tomb ever found in Egypt.

The Pyramids
Information about pyramids & a virtual visit.


Developed by teachers from Shrewsbury, this resource supports MA Frameworks.

Ancient Mesopotamia Site covers: Daily Life, Geography, Government, Culture, Industry & Social Life.

The British Museum-Mesopotamia Covers Geography & Culture by providing maps and online stories.

Write Like a Babylonian
An online activity - type in your full name, and the program returns the translation.

About Cuneiform Writing
Explains the process on this written language.

Introduction to Mesopotamia
Based on UK standards for primary students, this resource provides activities, timelines, maps and facts.

Western Asia History for Kids

Ancient Mesopotamia
Lesson ideas for introducing Hammurabi's Code.

Ancient Mesopotamia
This is a 7th grade unit, but can be adapted for lower grades.


Ancient Rome Webquest
Groups explore background information on Rome.

The Roman Empire
The Children's Section: Brief history, accomplishments, famous Romans, the great builder etc.


Compass Activity
Try the quiz, and learn about orienteering.

U.S.Dept.of State-Geographic Learning Site
Sponsored by the State Dept., this site offers information on how the government uses geography to form policy decisions. Interesting site.

The Lonely Planet
Interactive map which gives information on regions and countries. Has slide shows. Nice resource.

4th & 5th grade Geography links
World Geography, Cartography, U.S. Geography & Game links.

Interactive U.S. Geography
Practice your knowledge of U.S. geography on this site.

World Surfari
Virtually explore different regions of the globe through this site.

Physical geography -covers energy, sky, land, earth, water & climate. *This link is also available from the Science Resource page.

Enter an address to receive an ariel shot of the area. Have students try to identify their environment from a different perspective. Interesting site to tie to map skills.

Geography Word Scramble
Offered by Surfnet with Kids, this includes a word scramble and additional links on geography.

iknowthat -Geography Activities
Activities to support students in geography skills.

Border to Border
A geography lesson on Mexico sponsored by Learners Online. Lesson also provides guidance on Mexican history, explorers using web links. Geared toward upper elementary and beyond.

Geography World
Resources to support this topic - games, maps, facts, magazine links, etc. Site is maintained by Brad Bowerman.
Earth Cam
This is a live satellite shot of the earth while providing coordinates.

Nice resource covering multiple topics surrounding the earth.

U.S. Capitals Practice
Practice your state and capital information.

Quick Maps
Many maps to choose from for use in presentations or webpages.

TLC - Geography Video lesson plans

Africa Resources

The Living Africa
This Thinkquest project is a great resource for students looking for information on Africa.

Journey to Africa
This site was created for teachers to use with first and second graders to study another area of the world and to contrast it to where they live. This site is divided into three biomes: the desert, the rainforest, and the savanna. The people, land and animals of each biome are presented. Included on the site is a printable Travel Diary that can be used to record the sites of Africa.

Kid Zone Afro America
Discover Africa using this resource. Also includes Myths & Fables, games and brain teasers.

Gamequarium -Africa activities
A nice variety of online activities to learn about Africa. Try the Virtual Safari!

Fifty States Resources

States and Capitals
Database of information on all the states. **Great Resource**

State Assembly
Discovery School offers this resource on all the states. **Excellent Resource**

Postcards from America
Online activity - you can receive email postcards from the photographer as they travel through the country. **Interesting Site**

My America Field Trip
An online field trip to discover America.

Fifty States Mix & Match Games
Surfnetkids has pulled these resources together on the 50 states.

Gamequarium U.S. Geography Games
Study the Capitals, States and learn additional facts using these activities. *Nice Variety*

USA Jigsaw Puzzle
Try this online jigsaw puzzle, and put the states in the right place. Offered by Furby.Com

States Lesson
Iste offers these technology activity suggestions along with Internet links, while covering this topic. A nice variety to choose from.

Class Brain State Reports
Find info about the states. Activities listed as well.

Tour USA Webquest
Webquest working in teams to discover facts about U.S. regions.
Grade 3 Resources

Communities Grow & Change

Living in Our World
Harcourt Brace support links: Communities Grow and Change

Grade 2 Resources

Native American

The First Americans
Explains Native American cultures and their communities. Nice resource.


Kids and Communities
What is it like to be a city planner? Explore communities with this resource.

Harcourt Brace Communities
Support sites to the textbook.

States & Regions
Harcourt Brace support links covering: map skills, civics, people and places

Animal Communities
Harcourt Brace support link from the Childs Place book.

Community Workers
Find out about the different jobs done in your community. Offered by Scholastic.

History of European Settlements

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