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These links are intended to be extensions to conversions held in class, as well as to extend learning based on student interest of topics.

History Resources Colonial America Thirteen Colonies American Revolution
Books on the American Revolution Black Patriots of the American Revolution Presidents
U.S. Symbols Important U.S. Documents Biographies
Language Arts Graphic Organizers Test Prep Skill Builder Activities
Country and City Mouse Patchwork Quilt Family Pictures
Dr. DeSoto Wolves Research Stone Fox
Beverly Cleary stringbean
Titanic Fairy Tales Poetry
Science Habitats Deserts Forest
Shelters Simple Machines Weather
Plants Moon Biomes
Sound Extra Credit Opportunities
Health Art ESL-English Second Language Keyboarding Practice

History Resources

Colonial America

The Pilgrim Story
Interactive presentation

Within These Walls
Interactive tour of a colonial house offered by Smithsonian.

The Decisive Day is Come
From the MA Historical Society

Americas story from Americas Library.

H.I.P. Pocket Change - Time Machine
From the U.S. Mint - explore different time periods using the Timeline.

What is it?
Try to identify what the objects are, and what they were used for.

Virtual Mount Vernon
Visit the home of George Washington through this virtual tour.

PBS Colonial House
Interactive activities, lesson plans and more.

Colonial America (1492-1763)
From the Library of Congress.

The Life of a Colonial Child
Third grade project from Germantown Academy, Ft. Washington, PA

Jamestown Online Adventure
A simulation where students make decisions for the good of the colony.

A Colonial Ship
Read the information page, and then try to unscramble the names of the parts on the handout. Label the ship correctly by looking at reference materials.

A Colonial Family and Community
Use this site to be a history detective. Investigate the lives of the Daggetts, a colonial family from Connecticut. Answer the 7 questions about life in the 1700s.

You Be the Historian
Another historical detective site. See if you can figure out what life was like 200 years ago for this family.

The Thirteen Colonies

13 Originals - Founding the American Colonies
Maps and background information on the regions.

U.S. Territorial Map of 1775
Shows the original 13 colonies.

The Thirteen Colonies
Interactive exhibit - interesting site.

Growth of a Nation Movie
Excellent animated movie explaining the growth of the U.S. using a timeline. Geared toward higher grades, but a good introduction to state and colony research.

Archiving Early America
Historical document resource site specializing in the 18th century. This site has some presentation clips which require Shockwave.

American Centuries Views from New England
Memorial Hall Museum Online - located in Deerfield, MA - nice variety of online activities, view of exhibits, lesson plans and more. Focus is on New England and life in Deerfield, MA. Timeline covers 1680-1920 with topics on Native American life, African American resources, geography and more.

The Original 13 States
Try this Crossword puzzle - print & fill in.

A Day with Felicity
From American Girl - an online activity.

American Revolution

Revolutionary War Interactive Site
Offered by Mr.Nussbaum.Com

Our America - Revolutionary War
Offered by Scholastic, there are online activities to learn about this time period.

Prelude to the Revolution
Timeline of major events that led up to the Revolution.

The Boston Massacre Video
History Channel video clip

The Boston Tea Party Interactive
Hosted by Have Fun With History

Liberty's Kids - Part 1 of The Midnight Ride
Video clip - 9:53

Paul Revere
Background information on Paul Revere, and his famous ride.

Famous Moments in Early American History
Video clips of famous scenes from early American history.

The American Revolution
Offered by Kidport, this site will be helpful in getting information on major events.

George Washington's Workshop
The History Channel offers this online version of the show. Interesting site, geared toward higher grades.

Perspectives on Liberty
Offered from PBS, choose Daily Life in the Colonies, then click on areas of the picture to find out about what life was like.

An Illustrated Tour of Valley Forge
Online virtual tour of the area.

America's Story
The Library of Congress presents America's past through these links. Choose Jump Back in Time.

School of Rock - "The Shot Heard Round the World"
Song on the start of The Revolution.

Frontier Forts of the Revolution
Take a virtual tour

The Culper Spy Ring
George Washington had a spy ring to help the cause - read about this group that helped win the war.

Books on The American Revolution

Revolutionary War on Wednesday Intro Video
Intro to the book

Revolutionary War On Wednesday
Magic Tree House - Questions and Activities

Revolutionary War on Wednesday - Lesson Activities
Activities that support the topic.

Sample chapters of book written by Gregory T. Edgar

Black Patriots of the American Revolution

Black Patriots of the American Revolution
An article that tells the stories of various patriots.

Google Book: The Colored Patriots of the American Revolution from 1855
Online sections of this book with information on several distinguished patriots.

Crispus Attucks
Online Biography

James Armistead (Lafayette)
A spy patriot with an interesting story

Peter Salem (ca.1750-1816)
A brave Massachusetts Minuteman.

Important United States Documents

Congress for Kids - Declaration of Independence
Overview of the document.

Declaration of Independence Video
History Channel video

The Continental Congress Video clip

The Declaration of Independence
Ben's Guide to this important document.

Ben's Guide to The Bill of Rights
Overview of document.

Play "Save the Bill of Rights!"
Interactive game offered from the National Constitution Center.

Charters of Freedom
The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights.

Library of Congress - Primary Sources
Important primary sources materials to teach history.


Smithsonian-Presidents Online Exhibit
Profiles of U.S. Presidents. Interesting site.

History Channel-The Presidents
This great resource provides lots of biographical information about our leaders.

The Presidents for Kids

Symbols of the United States

The Liberty Bell
Background history on this famous bell.

Virtual Tour of Philadelphia
Start with the Liberty Bell, and move on to other locations.

The History of the American Flag
A Thinkquest project.

The Star Spangled Banner - Video Clip

United States Flag
Answer the questions after visiting the Internet links to find the answers.

Symbols of U.S.Government
Offered from Ben's Guide to U.S. Government.

Famous Bay Staters/Biographies

Abigail Smith Adams wife of John Adams
John Adams 2nd U.S. president, Braintree
John Quincy Adams 6th U.S. president, Braintree
Samuel Adams patriot, Boston
Louisa May Alcott author, Concord
Susan B. Anthony woman suffragist, Adams
Clara Barton American Red Cross Founder, Oxford
William Bradford Gov. of Plymouth Colony
George Bush 41st U.S. president, Milton
John Singleton Copley painter, Boston
Emily Dickinson poet, Amherst
Ralph Waldo Emerson philosopher, poet, Boston
Benjamin Franklin statesman, scientist, Boston
Ben Franklin Video
John Hancock statesman, Braintree
Nathaniel Hawthorne author, Salem
John F. Kennedy U.S.president, Brookline
Samuel F. B. Morse painter, inventor, Charlestown
Robert Treat Paine Declaration signer, Boston
Paul Revere patriot, Boston
Norman Rockwell painter, Stockbridge
Henry David Thoreau author, Concord
Eli Whitney inventor, Westborough
John Greenleaf Whittier poet, Haverhill

Map and Geography Skills

Find out about the earth's surface.

How Can I remember Longitude & Latitude?
Lesson to help you remember which is which.

Latitude & Longitude Game
Offered by Teacher First.

Geography Online Text
Interactive site that explains various terms.

Language Arts

Storytown E-Book
Our stories are available online through this link.

Vocabulary Games
Check out the various skill builder games.

ELA Interactive Activities
Standards with activities - good for the Smartboard

Reading Buddy Task Cards
Read and discuss stories using these questions with your reading buddy.

Additional Reading Buddy Task Cards
Read and discuss stories using these questions with your reading buddy.

Basic Handwriting - Lowercase Cursive
Animation shows how to form letters properly.

Basic Handwriting - Uppercase Cursive
Animation for additional practice.

Spelling and Vocabulary
Houghton Mifflin offers this online practice tool. See how you do - I challenge you!

The Syllables Factory
This online activity comes from the BBC.

Dividing Words into Syllables
Presentation on the rules for syllabication

Word/Spelling Activities
Identify prefixes, root words, suffixes in these activities

Skillswise Grammar Activities
If you like the Syllable Factory above, try out some of the other activities listed on this page.

Comic Creator
To, Too, or Two - Develop an Understanding of Homophones Teacher:Lesson on creating a Comic Strip.

Wacky Tales Try this online Madlib tool to create wacky stories. Fill in the blank using the parts of speech guideline.

Online Biographies
Use this site to get started on researching famous personalities.


Wizards & Pigs
Find out about rhymes, alliteration, and rhythm by moving through the maze, listening to the poems and deciding what each is.

Rhyme Time Riddles

Rhyming Dictionary

Poetry Writing with Karla Kuskin
Scholastic interactive poetry class.

Poetry Writing with Jack Prelutsky
Scholastic interactive poetry class.

Poetry Idea Engine
Interactive poetry activity

Writing I Spy Riddle Rhymes
Scholastic interactive class.

Giggle Poetry
Various activities

Martha's Rhyme Time from PBS
Practice making couplets.

Skill Builder Activities

Storytown Support Wiki - Vocabulary Building Activities
Good resource for Daily 5 - Activities broken out by Theme

Storytown Reading E-Book
Good resource for Daily 5

Word building game.

Learning Vocabulary
Online activities to help develop vocabulary - wordsearch, hangman, crossword and more

Getting the Right Tense
Practice identifying past, present and future tense.

Prefixes Say Plenty
A short presentation on prefixes.

Dig It
Make predictions based on the story prompts.

Main Idea Tutorial - Beacon
What is the main idea? Use this tutorial to help you build this skill.

Main Idea Practice

Sequencing Lesson
Work through the lesson to help practice this skill.

Story Scramble
Use the picture clues to put the story in the right order.

Spelling Practice
Look, Cover, Write, Check

Ski Lodge Vacation
Choose the 3rd grade activities, and then choose "Ski Lodge Vacation". Match the vowel word sounds

Crystal Castle
Practice using prefixes

Feast of Homonyms
Match the homonyms on the screen

Homonyms Worksheet
Print off and finish the activity

Power Proofreading
Choose the third grade folder to practice proofreading.

Sentence Clubhouse
Choose the type of sentence.

Self-study Grammar Skill Practice

Anthology-Story Support Links

Storytown Practice Book-Third Grade
Storytown Grammar Practice Book
Storytown Spelling Practice Book
Grammar Practice Book
Storytown Extra Support Practice Book

Ohio Resource Center - Literacy K-5
Activity links to Literacy skills - book suggestions for skills, Stringbean's trip to the Shining Sea
The online version of Stringbean.

The Country Mouse and City Mouse

The Country Mouse and the City Mouse
The Online version of this Aesop's Tale

The Patchwork Quilt

Exploring Geometry through Quilts
This webquest explores symmetry of quilts and has some online activities.

Magic Theme

MysteryNet's Kids Magic
Try out some of the tricks listed on this page. There might be some ideas for the upcoming magic show.

Magic Tricks for Kids
Check out some of the tricks on this page.

Family Pictures from A visit to the Southwest

Spanish Flashcards
Online Picture Dictionary with audio on words.

Maggies Online Adventure
Scholastic offers these online activities to help learn Spanish.

Spanish Activities Online
This theme covers the Southwest, and provides the Spanish version of our first story. These activities provide students with additional links to strengthen their understanding to this language.

Spanish Language Quiz
Not really a quiz - just another way to practice Spanish phrases and words. Have fun!

Carmen Lomas Garza, Author Site
Visit the authors homepage from this link. Site provides access to additional artwork, and background on the author.

Dr. DeSoto

American Dental Association Games & Information
Find out about oral health, play some games.

Healthy Teeth
A database of information on keeping teeth healthy.

Nothing but the Tooth
Find out more about the tooth with this online activity.

BBC - Nutrition & Teeth
We have been discussing good nutrition in health. Here is your chance to practice what you have been learning, along with finding out a bit more about teeth.

Colgate:The Legend of Tooth Kingdom
Online animated story

Teeth and Eating
Online lesson about keeping teeth healthy.

Wolves Research Project

The Boy Who Cried Wolf
Online book with audio

Student Entry Page to Wise Project on Wolves
This activity will be completed in the Computer Lab. For more information on how to use this project, click on the information page. International Wolf Center/Gray Wolves, Gray Matters

This link can help you with finding out more about wolves. The site also has a simulation game on wolves - Can you survive the call of the wild?.

Wolves of the World
Find out facts about wolves from differenet regions here.

Wolves-Nat'l Geographic Kids
Facts, Photo's, Video & Sound on this animal.

What's in a Howl?
Nova - Wild Wolves

Wild Animal Watch - Wolves
From Scholastic

Wolves and Dogs/Fact and Fiction
Try this quiz to see what you already know.

All About Wolves
Many of your questions will be answered here.

Wolves for Kids
This site comes from Alaska, and includes some very interesting facts about wolves.

Pictures of Wolves

Wolf International
This organization lists information about wolves, and how to protect them in the environment.

Arctic Wolf facts
Starts with pictures and information about the artic wolf, then moves on to the other breeds.

The Gray Wolf
Pictures and information about the gray wolf.

Red Wolves of Alligator River
Find out about the reintroduction of wolves to North Carolina. Online field trip.

Mexican Gray Wolf
Information on this specific wolf with video files as well.

Lobos(Wolf) of the Southwest
Specific information to help get specific details for your poster.

Yellowstone Wolf Tracker
See pack pictures, and get some additional facts.

Food Chain lesson
Interactive activity to help understand this topic.

Food Chains
National Geographic and Brainpop video

BBC - Food Chains
Find out about food chains in the animal world.

Chain Reaction- Build a Food Chain
Can you build a food chain?

Working the Food Chain
Choose Working the Food Chain link from the main page. Storybook form explaining the food chain.

Food Web - Menu
Try your luck at putting the food chain together in each of the categories.

Wolves Reshape Yellowstone Park
National Geographic Kids article on wolves.

Stone Fox/Iditarod Resources

Stone Fox
Story questions and resources.

Iditarod - Race Across Alaska
Interactive activities offered from Scholastic to learn about this annual race.

Dogsledding 101
Online activity to learn about the race.

Dog Sled Basics
Diagram of the setup.

Julies Race
Read about a dog sled race, then answer the questions.

The Jr. Iditarod Race
Print off the worksheet, then research the race and answer the questions.

Sign in as a guest, and then choose the 2 sled dog activities - see if you can problem solve for the team.

Enchanted Learning-Iditarod
Print resources to support the topic.

Iditarod Math
Ten types of math problem pages to print and solve.

Iditarod Readers Theatre
Print off to perform Readers Theatre.

Beverly Cleary

The World Of Beverly Cleary
This is the authors website, it has a biography, information on her characters, and games based off her books.


BBC Titanic Tour
This interactive site has video clips of the research.

The Deep Sea
National Geographic has included this interactive site so visitors can explore the deep. Have fun!

Tonight on the Titanic
Magic Tree House - Questions and Activities

Check out this resource on icebergs.

Robert Ballard Biography
Offered from Harcourt Online activities - read about this interesting explorer.

Discovery-On Board
Follow the passengers as they start their trip on the Titanic.

Ocean Planet: How Deep Do They Go?

Titanic Artifacts
From the Museum of Science & Industry

Great Barrier Reef
Dive the Great Barrier Reef virtually sponsored by National Geographic

Science Explorations - Squid
Find out about fossils and Cephapods

You Wouldn't Want to Sail on the Whaling Ship Essex!
Find out about sailing on the Essex.

Fairy Tales

Elements of Fairy Tales
Quick video introducing the elements.

Grimm's Fairy Tales Online

Activities tied to Cinderella.

Grimm Fairy Tales
Online activities tied to stories.

Discovering Fairy Tales
Online activities tied to stories.

Graphic Organizers

Writing Fun
Text organizers to help with the writing process.
Excellent site to introduce writing styles to students or guide students through their own writing.

Circle Plot Diagram
This interactive tool allows students to list labels and details in a circular pattern. Assists in sequencing details.

Story Mapping
Use this tool to create character maps on your own.

Step Up To Writing
Walk through presentation and graphic organizers to use with this approach.

Book Report Templates
Ideas for book reports

Seasonal Organizers
Many ideas to choose from


What's For Dinner?
A Fossweb activity to learn about nutrition.

Nutrition Explorations
Kids site to explore nutrition.

MyPyramid.Gov - Food
Various health related games.

My Body - The Inside Story
Online content and activities covering health topics.

The balanced plate
Nutrition lesson.

BBC - Animals, Bones & Organs
Find out about the human body, and practice putting our pieces back together.

FEMA for Kids: Safety Video

Human Body ebook
Can you guess the body part?

Medtropolis-Virtual Body Tour
Take a narrated version of the tour of the human body.

The Amazing Human Body
From Harcourt School



Glencoe Biology Videos
Various short video clips that we cover in class.

Glencoe Earth Science Videos
Earth Science video clips.

Glencoe Science Health Videos
Various health related short clips.

Grade 3 MacMillan Science - Interactive Activities
Independent or Smartboard interactive activities that support all science topics

Science Topics - quick pops
Quick science links

Science Up Close: Grade 3 topics
Online activities to help understanding of topic. Videos and interactive activities.

AIM Manufacturing Video
From Stanford - How everyday things are made.

Scott Foresman Science Resources
Internet extension activities.

Learn about the natural features of the landscape.

Museum of Science Online Video
Various topics that we'll be looking at this year.

Science Bob
Research links on various topics.

Houghton Science Animations
All topics and animations for discoveries - good smartboard activity

Online activities


Adaptations in Land Environments
MacMillan text support for science.

Pond Explorer
Learn about what lives in this habitat.

Freshwater Ecology
Be sure to click on "Life in the Pond".

Click on the animals in Poster 1 and 2.

All About Ponds
Learn about a pond's life cycle.


What's it like in the Desert?
A good site to find out more about the desert habitat.

Desert Plants
A good resource to find out more about plants of the desert.

Nice site on different desert locations.

National Geographic - Deserts & Tundra Habitats
Take a virtual tour.

Human & Animal Habitats
Offered by GlaxoSmithKline - try this online activity.

Scholastics-Magic School Bus -Habitat Match


Explore the Fantastic Forest
National Geographic site to introduce visitors to our environment.


Biomes of the World
Offered by the Missouri Botanical Garden, this online resource provides an overview on the different biomes.

Thinkquest - Biomes & Habitats

Provides visuals on locating each type of area, climate and features. Also includes information on animal life.

Biomes of the World
Brief overview of locations with additional resource links.

Build a Prairie
Read through the descriptions of plants and animals to restore the prairie. Make decisions on what to use as you bring life back to this habitat.

National Geographic offers this interactive site to explore this region, and the animals that live there.

Sorting Habitats
Online activity with three sections.


Roofus' Solar & Efficient Home
Find out about renewable energy from this U.S. Dept. of Energy site.

Visit the Mine Virtually
Find out about the process for mining coal to heat shelters

Harvesting the Hardwoods
Follow the history of cutting down hardwoods

Kids' Zone:Electricity
Fossil Fuels, Solar Energy, and Nuclear Energy

Simple Machines

Museum of Science Simple Machines
Interactive activity to explain simple machines

Let's Go Work on the Playground
Practice identifying simple machines in the playground.

Simple Machines Made Simple
Story lesson explaining simple machines.

Simple Machines
Edheads.org - A fun site to learn about all the simple and compound machines that we use.

National Geographic - Tool Time
How clever animals get stuff done. Animals and their use of tools.

Inventor's Toolbox
From the Museum of Science and the Leonardo exhibit.

Can You Guess This Invention?
View Leonardo's Inventions, and guess what it is?

Build a Rube Goldberg Machine
Play with these simple machines to make the Rube Goldberg Machine work.

Rube Goldberg Official Site
Find out about this interesting man, and his imaginative inventions.

Cyrils Cheese
Learn about the the principles of push and pull by helping Cyril get the cheese to his hole.


Identify the Sound
Lesson and activity on identifying sounds

Energy In The Air - From the Orchestra
Thinkquest activity explaining sound and energy with the various instruments of the orchestra

BBC -Sound
Changing Sounds

Explore Sound
Science of acoustics

Moon/Solar System

Moon Phases
Put the phases of the moon in the right order.

Is Earth The Only Planet?
A webquest to reinforce understanding of the solar system. **Extra Credit Opportunity.**

Phases of the Moon
Online simulation showing the phases.

Do you know the Constellations?
Online activity from Harcourt explaining different constellations.

HubbleSite:Black Hole
Wow! This is an interesting site - take the controls, and find out about Black Holes


Thirstin's Water Cycle
From the EPA - explains the water cycle.

The Journey of Water
Flash animation of the water cycle.

Edheads - offers this interactive site to learn about the conditions necessary for different types of weather. A must see site!

Track a Hurricane
Practice tracking hurricanes with Longitude and Latitude.

Earthscience Center-Hurricane Lab
This site is a lot of fun as well as very informative.

USA Today - Hurricane Animation
Flash animation explaining how a hurricane forms.

The science of hurricanes
Links to research this topic.


Snowcrystals.com = the science behind snow.

Snow Activities
Many activities on snow.

Changing State
Liquid, Solid, Gas


Plants and our environment

Website about plants - how they grow, and their parts.

The Secret Life of Trees
Travel with Pierre to explore the life cycle of trees.

Trees are terrific - travel with Pierre
From the University of Illinois, an explanation on trees and their importance.

Dr. Arbor Talks Trees
Find out about the life cycle of trees

Name that tree
Print off the page, visit the Internet links included and write the answers.

What Tree Is It?
Reference guide to name and identify trees.

BBC - Plants
Investigate plant life with this online activity.

Life Cycle of Plants
Practice using science vocabulary and labeling parts of a plant with this activity.

Life Cycle of Plants
Three activities to promote understanding.

Science Extra Credit
Visit these sites and write a paragraph or create a poster explaining what the site is about.

Earthquakes & Tsunamis
Links to research on this topic.

Thomas Edison and his inventions
Biography and information on this interesting inventor.

Visit the different locations on this site. Some have been created by students.

Virtual Pig Dissection

Can you make it snow?
Visit this simulation from Scholastic to see if you can make it snow. Be sure to read the descriptions at the bottom of the picture, so you can understand what conditions are necessary for snow. Write a 1 page explanation, or create a poster that explains why it snows.

Polar Bears
Print off the worksheet, visit the San Francisco Zoo information page on Polar Bears (link included on web page under #2), answer the questions and then turn in for extra credit.

National Geographic (CritterCam Chronicles) offers this interactive site on the Arctic. We read about the Inuit, find out more about the animals that live in this habitat.

What is this picture of?
Extra Credit Opportunity: *Write a paragraph on the picture* How was this picture taken? What time of day was this picture taken? What does the picture show? What information can you tell from this picture? (continent & population)

Home Sweet Home
Complete this activity on termites - print off the page, visit the Internet links to find the answers, complete the page and then turn in for extra credit.

PBS-Nature-Inside the Hive
Interactive activity explaining the bee hive.

Fossweb -Science Activities
Science module activities to help learn multiple science topics.

Weather Wiz Kids
A meteorologist has designed this site for kids to explore the different types of weather. Fun site!

An online simulation to outsmart the weather patterns in a race around the world.

K-4 Earth Science Modules
Lots of activities here - game show, research, art ideas and more.

Interactive Art

The Artists Toolkit
This is a fun and informative site for budding artists. Do you see the math connection?

Online Test Prep Resources

Practice for Massachusetts MCAS on this site.

Houghton Mifflin - Grammar Blast
Online quiz - game format.

Houghton Mifflin - Power Proofreading
Practice proofreading skills with this online activity.

Texas Grade 3 Online Test Assessment Prep
Practice test taking with this online activity.

Houghton Mifflin Test Prep
Math activities.

Brainchild Online Test Prep
Online assessment. Read story passages, then answer multiple choice questions.

Guess What?
Read these rhymes and use the details to figure out what they are talking about. Inference Activity.

Kids Lab-Inferential Context Clues
From Florida - try this activity to figure out a words meaning. Click on the pulldown menu to choose other practice pages.

Main Idea Tutorial
Kids Lab Main Idea Tutorial.

Main Idea Practice Page
More practice with the main idea of stories.

Making Predictions
Can you predict what will happen is a story?

Compare/Contrast Quiz Practice
Practice quiz.

MCAS Online Practice
Boston Public Library resource

Prentice Hall - Social Studies Skills Practice
Literacy skills review using S.S. topics as a guide.

Massachusetts DOE Student Test Prep
Sample student work and scoring guide.

ESL Internet Resources

Haitian Creole Dictionary

Dictionary.com Translation
Type in the English phrase, and the translation comes back.

ESL Student Resource Center
Lots of activities here to help with english immersion.

English Page-Learning Online
Interactive activities to learn english vocabulary.

The Internet Picture Dictionary
Pictures with words and activities for vocabulary.

Vocabulary Practice
Numerouse activity links for the early english learner.

Babel Fish
Free translation from many languages.

Free Translation
Choose the language, type the phrase, get the translation.

Learn English
Activities to assess English knowledge, and activities to promote learning English.

Activities for ESL/EFL
Language based activities to learn English

Reading A-Z download books
Preview copies of downloadable stories from the web.

Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension for ESL
Activities and links to resources and activities.

Reading is Fundamental-Online Stories
Offered from RIF - stories with audio

UCLA Language Material for ESL
Resources for less commonly taught languages

Word to Word translator
Multiple languages covered with this site.

Category links to multimedia to help the esl student access curriculum topics.

Math for ESL

AOL@School Jr.Math
Various links with some resources that highlight and say words to assist in learning math vocabulary.

ELS Teacher Resources

Mainstream ESL Teacher
Teacher resources

Teacher Resources on the Above Topics

Score: Teacher Guide for Ben and Me
Lesson plan ideas with additional links for use in the computer lab.

Third Grade Skills
Interactive sites on the web to build curriculum skills

Science Online Resources

Free Educational Videos
Various curriculum topics covered.

Technology Resources - Internet Safety

Cybersmart Lessons
Various lessons and printouts for teaching about Internet Safety

Keyboarding Practice

BBC Schools Typing Instruction
Use this online tutorial to learn keyboarding.

abcya Keyboard Challenge
Practice learning the keyboard with this activity.

Typing Master Online Bubbles
Learn the letters on the keyboard with this practice game.

Funschool Typing
Another tutorial for extra practice

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