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Mr. Freedman's Website
King/Drew Medical Magnet High

Welcome to my home page!

This is a work in progress, but I have high hopes that this site will prove helpful to our effort and our growth.

If you're already on this site, then I trust you can successfully navigate the World Wide Web. From this page, click on "Courses" (upper left-hand) to lead you to your course with me, your assignments, uploaded files, and useful links.

For an alternative way of accessing this site, you might prefer to simply locate Once there, drag down from the top left-hand corner where it says "Students/Parents" to get to "View Homework." Click and find your particular class with me by entering your class number in the appropriate box, the ZIP Code in the appropriate box, or the country, city, and school in those boxes. Once you do that, you will see all the registered King/Drew teachers and your specific course listed under my name.

Course numbers are as follows:

59568 American Literature & Composition

59569 Honors English Language Arts - 10

59573 Advanced Placement English Language & Composition

American Literature & Composition students, note that if an assignment is given on a day your class does not meet, please understand that your assignment is assigned on the following day (or when your class next meets), and that the due date is equally advanced by one day (or the equivalent number of days). I try to keep everything equitable by providing the same window of opportunity, timewise, to all.

I look forward to our working together. I am open and available to suggestions and original ideas for this site. Just let me know.

Good luck!